EasySOA backstage at Solutions Linux 2011

16 May, 2011 (18:42) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

Time on air

Started coding only two months ago, and already a demo video ? That’s startup level, now who is going to believe that we’re funded by a collaborative research project ? Well, that’s what happens when you want to show, despite an all-out technical moniker, that you bring added value to business users – and that’s what we think service tagging & Discovery by Browsing does.

Anyway, so we did, and that’s what we’ve shown at the Solutions Linux 2011 show in Paris last week. Not on the official agenda of course given our timing, but at the best place there is backstage : the OW2 village, and lot of thanks to OW2′s Cédric Thomas and Catherine Nuel to make that happen in extremis. Catherine did even better : she got us time on air !

Getting seen is good, but getting feedback is even better. I’ve shown the demo to a dozen people around the OW2 booth and at the OW2 Technology Council, and they filled my can with a lot of challenging, helpful, insightful feedbacks – Stéfane B. “putting people back in SOA“, Benoît P. “cartography“, Gaël B. “Show it in Toulouse“, Jean-Pierre L. “does Stéfane think it works ?“. I promise we’re going to make good use of it.

What else ? Socialized with a few other fellow Open Source innovators at the OW2 Wine and Cheese Cocktail, then at a competitor’s evening party, seen other interesting solutions including UShareSoft and Antelink. Enough for two and a half days now, see you later.

Photo courtesy of OW2. Co-stars include Jean-Pierre Laisné (Compatible One), Miguel Valdes (Bonita), Guillaume Sauthier (OW2), having the time of their life.


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