EasySOA at Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011

29 June, 2011 (20:07) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

On the 28th of June, the EasySOA team went to Grenoble to participate to the Indigo Eclipse DemoCamp at the invitation of Adrian Mos – who has incidentally become this year a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council on behalf of the Eclipse SOA top level project.

I really think that doing a talk about a project is an opportunity to make it meet a specific audience. You can get questions or feedback, but before that, merely thinking about it from the point of view of those listening to you can bring insight: how does this project help them ? Our last public stint (though undercover) had been about putting business tags on services, so now by having to talk to Eclipse development experts we’d get a timely push in the other direction. And for that, we prototyped with partners EasiFab integration of an Eclipse SOA-tooled development lifecycle with the EasySOA’s “all-watching eye” on all things SOA.

So we talked (slides here) about such a simple development workflow :

  • the business user describes his “feature” requirements in the EasySOA collaborative platform, using business design tools such as Eclipse BPMN
  • the developer uses the Eclipse SOA tools stack and especially the aptly-named Mangrove to go from the BPMN standard to architectural design (SCA diagram), add technical details and from there go to SOA runtime configuration
  • all the while, EasySOA is told about it through its REST API, and especially about newly created services and the architecture that supports them
  • so when those services will be available, when they are tagged by a business user and monitored in EasySOA, other information such as their creator, their purpose, their business and technical design are also available.

The demonstration included service discovery by SCA import and monitoring of “SOA sandbox” calls. It went very well, alas only until the talk started – who said demo effect ? We’ll work on simulating locally those online web services we use in the demo so we’ll be less dependent on them.

Anyway, there was a lot more to the DemoCamp than our single talk. I finally learned how Adrian uses Mangrove at Xerox – that’s with the Xeproc DSL, basically document rendering workflows. We met old friends such as Mickaël Istria (who co-authored OW2 Scarbo with me) and Vincent Zurczak from Petalslink. A more in-depth and pictural report is available at Mickaël’s blog, who was actually one of the organisers in addition to giving yummy presentations of the Indigo release and Windows Builder.

And congratulations to the Alpes JUG and the Xerox Research team, they put in hard work – not to talk about all these muffins – in order for this DemoCamp to be a success !

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