From demo to release

5 July, 2011 (16:20) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

The week before last week, we’ve been focusing on preparing the demo for the Eclipse DemoCamp : migrating the EasiFab-provided SmartTravel use case to Frascati 1.4, making it work with the monitoring proxy (and improving it on the way), and putting a few slides together. And all the while Marwane has been working on his end of internship presentation.

Last week, both event went well on the same day : Tuesday, June the 28th. So congrats to both the OW team and Marwane, it’s been busy days !
Since then, we’ve been working on automating the demo in an integrating proxy + core test framework, and on taking the lessons learned on the core model and api to improve their architecture.

And now ? Busy making it all stable enough for an official release and the upcoming EasySOA workshop in Paris, of course !

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