Summer summary

25 August, 2011 (10:48) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

It’s been some times since the last checkpoint… sure the sun hits hard outside, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened here, quite the opposite !

The first half of July was focused on integrating new and old use cases together, and culminated with the partner workshop on the 18th in Paris. There we (Open Wide) and Alain successfully demoed the upcoming release, with Stefane’s compliments about how we extended Nuxeo, Philippe showed progress in FraSCAti especially in the Cloud (see on Amazon’s), Cedric demoed Talend’s visual Camel editor and Francois presented the Jasmine architecture.

The second half of the month was about building on synergies detected in the workshop and starting some of the collaborative tasks they implied, but also polishing the release, putting together a first website (still private) and getting our first Partner Program use cases – stay tuned !

Since then, we’ve worked on development fundamentals : git repository refactoring, proxy code refactoring ; but also on website content and overall management.

Now, we’re slowly but surely ramping up for September, and first things a polished release and a public website !

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