EasySOA Demo 0.3 Release

12 October, 2011 (17:49) | Release | By Marwane Kalam-Alami

Download EasySOA Demo 0.3

This first official release of EasySOA aims at a global cleanup and truly collaborative features.

  • Collaborative features include : collaborative discovery by browsing, comments, annotate WSDLs, document validation workflow, upload documents such as specifications…
  • Unified authentication layer across Core, Registry & Light. Default Registry setup includes: default profiles Business users, Architect, Developer, IT Staff, each having a built-in default user and each having its preffered set of information displayed in the registry.
  • Service Scaffolder is no more a mock but works with most simple web services, some online FraSCAti on Cloud samples added as an example
  • New Airport sample featuring runtime integration with Talend ESB
  • Last but not least, a lot of proof testing went into this release, and many small but annoying bugs got fixed, like those preventing use offline or with small screens

Also as an aside:

  • A global cleanup on the development environment side : clean source repository layout, coding conventions & licensing, continuous integration & quality tools (Jenkins / Sonar)
  • A brand new website !

Update – A tour of the v0.3 is now available in videos:
EasySOA Demo 0.3 in videos

Preview of the collaborative features


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