EasySOA movie time at fOSSa 2011

16 November, 2011 (19:44) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

fOSSa at our door

This year the fOSSa train stopped in Lyon – more precisely on the Doua campus in Villeurbanne. It couldn’t be closer from our Lyon team, so at the end of October we went there in force !

What’s fOSSa ? Well, it stands for free Open Source Software for academics, but what the acronym doesn’t say is that this conference has a reach well beyond research and into both community mavens and entreprise players.

Hacker & philosopher

Let me give you a few examples… On the community side, there was Dave Neary of Gnome, Gimp and MeeGo fame taking us for a ride into the future. There was Cédric Bosdonnat, Libre Office hacker extraordinaire, showcasing access to a CMIS document repository from a word processor. On the entreprise side, there was Davide della Carbonare of Engineering sketching up the Future of Internet in an ambitious european research project – FI/ Ware. And when it came to academics, you got feedback on introducing social networking with a specially tailored platform (on ELG / OSS) in Paris Descartes universities.

Consider this : where do you get tracks both on education and community building ? I’ll stop there, but let me still say it is a testament to fOSSa’s diversity of audience and organiser Stephane Ribas vision that the most thought-provoking talk has been given by somebody whose job is not technical at all : the philosopher and ADULLACT founder François Elie.

François Elie, one head-spinning slides after the other

So fOSSA has definitely a nice feeling you don’t get in bigger conferences. And this feeling lasts way after speakers have left the mike, and keeps going in the meeting hall through lunch and coffee time. So I discovered that Cédric (beyond being a very nice fellow and a natural speaker) had worked at EasySOA partner Nuxeo. While with Dave and Davide, it was the pleasant surprise of checking up on people you’ve already met but quite some time ago – OpenWorldForum 2008 anyone ? And now that I think about it again, “generic enablers” basic building blocks in Davide’s FI/Ware sure share a lots of things with EasySOA proxies :)

New EasySOA slides & videos

So back to EasySOA. Marwane Kalam-Alami and myself introduced EasySOA (slides here) and then presented the brand new videos in the Easy-to-go live demos on Wednesday afternoon, just after ELG/OSS and therefore nicely in sync on the “social” theme. We kept to the fateful 15 minutes we had been allotted and ended getting questions showing we definitely gave some ideas to the people in the room. So we must be starting to do at least a few things right !

Finally I came back alone on Friday to cross the way of another EasySOA partner : Alain Boulze, who helped Oscar Niyonkuru present “Open Source trends in Africa”.

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