EasySOA on the shoulders of giants at OW2Con 2011

13 December, 2011 (17:02) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

What you won’t find on this site is a report of OW2Con back in 2010, even though EasySOA had its own stand there since Open Wide actually sponsored the last year’s event. This is because EasySOA was just coming out of its womb, being officially born only three weeks earlier, and partners having met for the first time in the previous week. Even then, we managed to get out a nice little flier and synchronize it all with the latest Scarbo release, overtime be duly thanked.

Mad Propz to Nuxeo, FraSCAti, Jasmine and Talend

So it’s been one year already, and it’s a good time to ask : where is EasySOA now ? Last month, OW2Con 2011 was the perfect place to see that with one’s own eyes. The answer, paying its respect to the Open Source components EasySOA is built on, lies in the title : on the shoulders of giants – or said another way, “mad propz to FraSCAti, Talend, Nuxeo and Jasmine”. And without doubt, you simply couldn’t miss them, they were everywhere, just have a look at the full talk list. I won’t push it further, so just a few words on the rest of the best.

Middleware & Cloud highlights

I’ve already detailed the Middleware in Action track before. If I had to take something out of it (well, actually I took everything,  since I had learnt all topics and bios as the host of the session), it’s that OSGi is getting unavoidable on the java server & middleware side – and not only at but in OW2 Jonas & its business applications, Jasmine Probe & web console aka Kerneos. Why ? probably because there are too much great quality Open Source Java components to use them without modularity and / or help to prevent version conflicts between dependencies…  And let’s not forget the neverending vitality of the OW2 community, with new projects galore. You can find all speaker photos I’ve taken among the others at OW2.

Another high point was the Cloud Summit. Presentations, as well as backstage echoes, gave a whiff that the great cloud trend may be about to converge, at least in the Open Source R&D projects world : OW2′s own Compatible One (single interface on top of common clouds), Contrail (Cloud federation, including at SLA level), EasiClouds, Orange’s Sirocco.

Philippe Merle, INRIA : Scary Clouds, FraSCAti to the rescue

EasySOA service sandbox architecture

And EasySOA’s own use case talk ? Well done and well received, nothing to say, business as usual nowadays ! In the very words of Alexandre Lefebvre, OW2′s CTO, “cool stuff, what you’re doing”. You’re yearning fore more ? OK, let’s head to the full presentation and videos. You’ll learn about…

  • why we’re using the Nuxeo document management solution : because SOA is first and foremost about documentation
  • why we’re putting the FraSCAti heterogeneous service engine within : because we want to foster service hacking through a service sandbox
  • and how we’re doing that : through modularity at API and framework (OSGi) level, actually using an OSGi wrapper until Nuxeo is full OSGi-fied (who said Apricot ?)

Last but not least : a few bonus slides on the concept of environment (i.e. SOA system) that we’re currently working on, and how it will enable knowledge about existing or in development SOA to be reused across sandbox, development and staging environments, be it as for testing, for composition or as a reference in SOA sanity checks.


It wouldn’t be a true conference  if I didn’t meet a few great people, that is to say people who have interesting, distinctive and accurate ideas, along with the passion to share them, and above all are great company to be in. The OW2 community is not short of such kind of persons, and I already know several, but I still managed to meet new ones. So hello to Stéphane, Jamie from Compatible One and Philippe from Bonitasoft, I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll hear from each other !

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