January: global architecture

22 March, 2012 (23:27) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

It’s been a long time since our last checkpoint. Does it mean we had three months holidays ? Of course not ! Rather, we took a step back to better spring forward, with a full, updated vision of where we’re going and what it will involve. Hear, hear…

In January, we did a Tour de France of EasySOA partners in order to design an architecture that would integrate their solutions, tools and visions. You’ll still have to wait one year to have it all working together, but you’ll have integrated with EasySOA Core Registry, among others : Nuxeo manual & generated documentation of its own services (until now Nuxeo Bundle Explorer), Talend’s Studio design tool & ESB OSGi runtime, a nice & (hopefully) unified monitoring architecture featuring Bull Jasmine & EasiFab setup, FraSCAti Studio as Light integration alternative but also as on-demand proxy provider.

And in case you still believed about those holidays: Nuxeo has also helped us to clean up our Nuxeo architecture, and we’ve rolled out an new web discovery based on a bookmarklet that is HTTPS-compliant, a simple classpath-based version of deployables discovery that will allow to detect inconsistent changes between services and implementation (the classpath acting as it signature), a mock of our future “service use” portal, as well as better specified requirements of FraSCAti in Nuxeo embedding. Last but not least, we’ve added to our replayable exchange records architecture the ability to suggest from correlations and automatically generate “interesting” exchange templates (that is, parameterized exchange records), and just as automatically provide them as legit, off-the-mill SOAP services – more on the wiki & in a dedicated post soon.


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