April : codecamps

30 April, 2012 (15:10) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

Final entry in the “spring catch-up” series, after the March entry, here we come !

Codecamps and trying to put a final touch to our year 2 specifications by laying down the first bricks have been the main topic this April.

First came the Monitoring Codecamp, where we ended up with a simple Proxy Probe + Monitoring architecture fitting with the three layer design that EasiFab and Bull came up with earlier, and APIs that will be compatible with Talend’s monitoring event database structure.

Then came the Model Codecamp, whose output was a generic SOA model encompassing all three parts of Design, Implementation and Deployment, that could be used as a blueprint for expert definition by Nuxeo, and that we’ve been stretching & detailing ever since.

Besides codecamp, we’ve kept on going further on the side of FraSCAti in Nuxeo, exchange template-based service simulations, Runtime model & architecture, FraSCAti Studio development and feedback.

And the Open Wide team has grown. So a warm welcome to Franck, who has started to work on allowing EasySOA Light users’ service mashups to react on proxied & monitored service calls, and to Yoann, who will bring to EasySOA a Business Process / Workflow vision that goes all the way from Design to Runtime thanks to Eclipse JWT (Java Workflow Tooling) and OW2 Scarbo integration !

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