Grenoble JUG – April 19th

16 April, 2012 (17:03) | Event | By Marc Dutoo

EasySOA lead Marc Dutoo will present 10 SOA best practices for CIOs and developers and how EasySOA makes them easier to apply at Alpes JUG in Grenoble on Thursday, April the 19th, 2012. More information & registration at JUG Events.

When & where:

April the 19th at 7 PM
SUPINFO Grenoble – 16 rue Henri Barbusse, Grenoble, France

Summary in English:

Easy SOA ! for CIOs & developers, in 10 best practices tooled by EasySOA.

The SOA approach (service oriented architecture) has become common in Information Systems. Outsourcing and Cloud make it even more unavoidable. But “easy”, SOA ?? Indeed, a lot of SOA projects went lost in XML, “integrated all-in-one solutions” or death by meeting.

It’s time to take another angle : let’s share our best practices ! Here are 10 (or some), among simple practices that do the most to make life easy for CIO & developer, remove shackles restraining SOA benefits and ensure that efforts towards service orientation are really useful : discovery & audit of existing services & applications, collaborative documentation and communication, sanitizing either consumed or internally developed architectures, tests & simulation, through reuse of existing service exchanges.

This presentation will introduce them using real life use cases and give examples of how to apply them, thanks notably to the EasySOA project ( You already put them in practice or want to add some more ? Go for it, you’re twice welcome !

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