March: auto sanity check

26 April, 2012 (10:59) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

And here comes a new entry in our “spring catch-up” series, following the February entry.

In March, we went beyond technicalities in putting together both documentary and service platforms, a.k.a Nuxeo and FraSCAti, by working on a real world use case where obvious added value comes from integrating EasySOA features developed separately on each of them : auto sanity check, which is actually scheduled SOA comparison where : the Sanity Check Dashboard is replaced by a Report published in Nuxeo, and service discoveries are replayed by HTTP Mining’s replay feature.

It’s ready though does not work yet, but it’s given us at Open Wide an incentive to work on a better decoupled EasySOA API & SPI architecture, as well as put in light the final limitations and requirements on the side of FraSCAti in Nuxeo, of which INRIA has provided a new, better decoupled as well version.


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