New whitepaper: “Light” Entreprise Integration

23 April, 2012 (15:59) | News | By Marc Dutoo

Authored by EasySOA partners INRIA and Open Wide, the Light Approaches of Entreprise Integration whitepaper has been published in February 2012 and  is now available among other whitepapers here. Its goal is to answer the question of “what implementations of the SOA model, especially on the topic of collaboration / exchanges / “service” in the technical sense, should be supported (from model to tooling and even runtime plugins) in Light, but also in Integration ?”.

In it, you’ll find :

  • all criteria defining an entreprise integration approach as “light” and how it differs from “traditional” ones (which are both simply named Light and Integration)
  • an overview of existing entreprise integration approaches (some being already Light), focusing on their main use case (what they’re good for), integration paradigm (how they do it) and tooling public (who are their users) : SOA, ESB, BPM, ETL, BI, Entreprise mashups, ECM, others,
  • in order to make appear which ones are the most interesting to provide a Light alternative for in EasySOA, and what’s required for that.
  • an overview of Light technology trends and how they’re interesting for the topic at hand : REST & al., web RAD, noSQL.

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