A rich JS app on top of Nuxeo’s WebEngine

2 May, 2012 (14:22) | Technical | By Marwane Kalam-Alami

While experimenting for the future EasySOA UI, we took the time to learn how rich, JavaScript-based web apps could work on top on Nuxeo. In order to do that, we worked with Nuxeo’s WebEngine, a web framework allowing to easily build JAX-RS applications, while offering a simplified access to the Nuxeo Platform features.

The result is a basic, single-page document browsing site, with its client-side logic built with Backbone.js (see previous post), and some eye sugar brought by the Isotope library. In order to keep the code base clean, we also put our hands on Require.js, very useful for splitting code into modules and keeping the scripts loading management under control.

The development of this little app went very well ; while we eventually didn’t use that much of what WebEngine had to offer (server-side templating with Freemarker, easy Nuxeo-related web services creation), we made extensive use of the Content Automation API that Nuxeo provides. If we needed a more specific RESTful API, we could have also made use of the WebEngine and its “WebObjects”, that helps mapping documents into JSON for instance.

The sources for the module can be found on Github.

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