May : user stories

6 June, 2012 (13:58) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

In May, we mostly focused on making sure our new SOA model would answer all our needs by gathering and describing user stories that would make for good enough functional perimeter coverage. Here are a few : workflows, application design & development, deployment configuration.

But before switching it all to the new model, we still plan a last release using the older one, and for this we’ve worked a lot on bringing FraSCAti in Nuxeo in the release build process.

On the Eclipse community side, we focused on polishing the upcoming JWT 1.2. We’ll also present our ideas about Eclipse SOA – Document Management integration as well as a demo at the upcoming Eclipse Juno DemoCamp in Grenoble.

We also prototyped our Service Event Subscription web application that allows end users to register their own services to listen to existing service calls, trying both Play! Framework 2 and Ruby on Rails in the process, and making use of OAuth.

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