June : release, event(s)

10 July, 2012 (17:34) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

In June, we’ve been working hard on the still upcoming 0.4 release, which will have scheduled revalidation as killer feature. It is important to us also because it validates the architecture on the side of FraSCAti in Nuxeo & “playing fair” with Nuxeo.

We also gave talks : From Eclipse to Document Management at the Eclipse Juno DemoCamp in Grenoble, Service Integration Goes Social (in the OW2 Track, with a project update) and Scripts, Apps, APIS : the new battlefields of Open Source in the Cloud at Solutions Linux in Paris.

Both have not detracted us from working on the next EasySOA 1.0′s model & feature perimeter, releasing Eclipse JWT 1.2 with our partner the University of Augsburg in the Eclipse Juno yearly release train, and prototyping, along with a sample, the runtime part of ourĀ Service Event Subscription feature using a new ExchangeEventHandler plugged in our HTTP proxy.

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