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5 July, 2012 (18:54) | News | By Marc Dutoo

Of Penguins And Men

So what happened at the latest Solutions Linux event, this June in Paris (see also preview) ?

If you weren’t there, know that its 2012 edition has been faithful to its traditions. I mean being replete with anti-ACTA drama, all-around if controversial Microsoft participation and life-size, angry Tux Penguin puppets.

June 20th Morning : Cloud @ Printemps du Libre

Not traditional at all, however, have been the new Assises de l’Open Source / Printemps du Libre event, co-organized by the CNLL (the association of French Open Source & Libre associations). This new track aimed at being an exchange platform and a think tank for CIOs and Open Source professionals alike.

My favourite were Patrice Bertrand of Smile giving the definitive talk about the commoditization of Open Source, and Sébastien Dubois of Evolix whose cracker of a talk about Libre, IT admins and Cloud impressed me all the more because I was the one having to follow with my own on a related topic : Scripts, Apps & APIs or the new battlefields of Open Source in the Cloud (slides).

Other talks were of high quality also if (slightly) less flash. Let’s mention Cédric Ulmer of France Labs about his Big Search experiences, Pascal Flamand of Janua about Open Data and Philippe Montarges of Alterway giving interesting numbers about traning in Open Source.

June 20th Afternoon : EasySOA @ OW2 Track

Back to faithfully followed traditions with the participation of the OW2 Consortium, with its now perennial specific Track, but also Wine and Cheese event on the OW2 stand. OW2 Track featured luminaries such as John Mertic of SugarCRM and EasySOA partner Cédric Carbone of Talend. Before closing with a talk on Big Data (definitely a big topic this year), Cédric joined me to lay out for the audience an update on the status of the EasySOA project (slides here), ending on the now traditional video demos, and with surprise snapshots of the upcoming 0.4 release’s Scheduled Revalidation feature.

Now what is scheduled revalidation, also named auto sanity check ? Merely scheduled SOA comparison and change detection. First use EasySOA Discovery By Browsing to find service definitions (WSDLs) exposed by your Entreprise Information System and register them in EasySOA Core. Then schedule an automatic rediscovery that will (for instance each week) download these same WSDLs again and compare them to the registered ones, the output being a report on changes found (if any) in those WSDLs. This allows you for instance to keep track of an SOA that you consume but don’t control. Very useful in an era where the Cloud is blurrying the frontiers of Entreprise Information Systems ! It is actually a use case gotten from an EasySOA partner entreprise (AXXX).

SL Backstage

As always, some of the best parts happen backstage. This time it was meeting the Printemps du Libre speakers, all very much involved in from-the-trenches Open Source evangelization, and here I can’t keep from sharing Sébastien’s photos. Or getting back in touch with startuppin’ Benjamin and getting both a private presentation of Aful‘s Laurent Seguin latest brainscrimmage of an Open Source Cloud business model. Or sharing Open Source love with both Microsoft and OW2 higher-ups (don’t worry, names will remain secret).


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