JXPath with EasySOA

8 August, 2012 (10:20) | News | By Franck Wilfried Ntangke

     JXPath is a Java library provided by Apache. The main usage of this library is to it make easy to query Java objects. JXPath allows developers to easily make complex queries merely by using its own request’s syntax, which is very simple to handle. So it allows developers to write less code to access the object they want including the class hierarchy. With JXPath we can  access, change or remove values within object fields, arrays, maps, collections…

In other words, JXPath applies the concepts of XPath to Java object models. So this library will be very useful in many parts of the EasySOA project. It would be useful for example in the event monitoring runtime part as conditions set up by the EasySOA subscriptions UI on intercepted service input messages (InMessage) that trigger an appropriate  behavior in the runtime part.

More about JXPath here.


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September 3, 2012 at 2:29 pm

[...] We’ve also worked on making the FraSCAti in Nuxeo architecture cleaner and maintainable, as well as expanded our Service Event Subscription runtime and configuration UI to allow hooking up on services on Regular Expression and JXPath conditions. [...]

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