Play 2.0.2 is out

17 August, 2012 (18:11) | News | By Franck Wilfried Ntangke

As we said before, the new Play Framework is out: Play 2.0.2. This new framework version gives us many interesting features which could be very useful for EasySOA. This version patches some problems that exist in previous versions. It is also more and better documented than the 2.0 version.

Some of the Play 2.0.2 Framework features are: Oauth 1.0 client, Many APIs (Web Service API, Play Cache API, BodyParser Java API, Http.RequestBody API), Accessing an SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2…), Asynchronous HTTP programming, HTTP form submission and validation, Handling asynchronous result, Handling File Upload, Working with XML and JSon, Eclipse and Netbeans compatible, Maven Compatible, using the Cache…

This Play framework version satisfies the prerequisites of the EasySOA project, so it is a very good alternative to Ruby on Rails for the Event Subscription UI in EasySOA.

More about Play 2.0.2 here.

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