November : integration architecture

3 December, 2012 (20:31) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

November has seen us tackle head on integration of all pieces of EasySOA. We’ve specified and developed services for integrating platforms of development (such as FraSCAti Studio and Talend Studio) and monitoring (such as Bull’s OW2 Jasmine), reconciled the specifications’ expected SOA model with the discovered actual model through matching algorithms and dashboard, put together a working OW2 Scarbo runtime (able to run workflows output by Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling such as those able to be exported to the EasySOA Registry) thanks to a comprehensive FraSCAti upgrade…

We’ve also pushed forward the AXXX use case (DCV Pivotal being in development, Uniserv mocked and available, DPS APV API still to be locked), presented the aforementioned Scarbo in its upcoming 2.0 release at OW2Con (see slides & our upcoming report), and last but not least started grooming up the shelves where an upcoming product will land next year : EasySOA Registry !

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