January : use case and integration – 2

7 February, 2013 (17:09) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

This is the follow-up of the first post  in the “new year catch-up” series, en route to the Holy Graal of the completed AXXX use case and an integrated EasySOA 1.0 release.

The next step was to put it all together, deploying everything (Pivotal & the CreerPrecompte Talend ESB orchestration, APV, and the EasySOA Registry + OW2 Jasmine + FraSCAti Studio IT components) on dedicated virtual machines. At this stage, Bul has being instrumental in integrating EasiFab’s Jasmine probe and adapter in the latest OW2 Jasmine version, and configuring it to be the bridge between the Talend monitoring database (SAM) on one side, and on the other side the EasySOA EndpointStateService and its UI the Endpoint State dashboard, so it can feed it the business-level indicators its has computed. By then the whole AXXX business scenario was working, except for the originally specified model of its SOA in the EasySOA Registry. To make playing the scenario easier, we scripted this whole Specifications phase in an easily executable single Java class that fills the registry remotely.

On the side of FraSCAti, we polished up the integration of FraSCAti Studio with the Registry, which allows to create proxies of an endpoint merely by choosing it in a list filled from the Registry’s SimpleRegistryService, rather than having to copy / paste its URL. We aim not to stop there, but also allow, for instance, tho generate mocks of a service definition known of the Registry. INRIA not only cleaned up the whole App Template generation, compilation and deployment process up to runtime introspection using FraSCAti Web Explorer, but also completed an impressive list of FraSCAti Intents allowing to configure or  features of the CXF service engine underneath (FastInfoset & GZIP compression, WS-Addressing, Load Balancing, Reliable Messaging, but also MTOM, schema validation, debugging helps).

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