January : use case and integration – 3

8 February, 2013 (11:43) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

This is the last post  in the “new year catch-up” series, en route to the Holy Graal of the completed AXXX use case and an integrated EasySOA 1.0 release.

Now there was still a last little thing to add in the mix : version management. Indeed, developing service implementations and calls according to unversioned specifications of them may be agile (or say “EasySOA Light” prototyping methodes & tools) but certainly not SOA. EasySOA Registry matching algorithm had been fully thought to work with versioned units of the SOA model or “subprojects”, but those were not there yet. So we added the notion of Project (an SOA project) and Subprojects (yes, I know it’s a bad name, it’ll change) at the heart of the Discovery service and within all SOA node IDs, which was the occasion of a good code refactoring session. So now, SOA model elements are all contained and classified within subprojects, and are able to see all other elements of the same subproject, but also all elements of its parent subprojects, which may be live (for agile a.k.a. “Light” development) or versioned (SOA, as I said). Subprojects can be versioned from the Nuxeo documentary UI, thanks to the Nuxeo tree snapshot add-on that Arnaud developed for us. We have further ideas about it, such as putting it in a Specifications approval parallel workflow complete with tree diff display.

Having then upgraded the auto initialization script of the AXXX use case, and setup several versions of the AXXX application codebase taken at various times along their development timeline, all we had to do was play the AXXX scenario over and over and tune everything the best we could. Tune and patch actually, since there were still subtle discrepancies and bugs : in source discovery annotations processing, in Registry API handling of file properties, in matching dashboard and SOA indicators, and so on.

That let us with the administrative tasks coming with the end of the EasySOA project : code and document deliverables, report, and a very satisfying review meeting with our sponsors.

And now ? Well, as it goes, it’s only the start of the story for Open Wide’s EasySOA offerings ! There are marketing material to try out, demonstrations to be shown, business development to scale up. And without even having had the time to map out this new road, here come :

  • Eclipse Con conference on March the 25th. in Boston
  • Nuxeo webinar on February the 20th in English at 2 PM EST / 20:00 French hour (another one in French will be setup)
  • Meetings already set up with prospective customers, and first of all trusted ones that’ve we’ve tooled in EasySOA use cases.

…2013, here we are !

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