Business case and real world use case in Nuxeo Webinar

15 March, 2013 (16:37) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

Being Nuxeo’s Guest

On February the 20th, we went to Nuxeo‘s Paris headquarters in order to do the planned EasySOA-themed Webinar. There we were warmly welcomed by Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo’s CTO and EasySOA contributor extraordinaire, notably of the Talend connector for Nuxeo, and Laurent Doguin, Nuxeo’s voice to the community and organisator of the always insightful and often very usefyl “Monday Dev Heaven” blog posts. Laurent is also at the heart of Nuxeo Webinars, and it shows. Indeed, I can say that his coaching helped me handle and feel at ease with Nuxeo’s Webinar environment – a very functional and oiled machine by the way.

So now about the Webinar itself. Well, you’ve got the choice : you can replay its video recording (in English), look at the slides on my slideshare or on Nuxeo’s ! But just to say, it has three parts. In the first one, I introduced the problem, EasySOA’s solution and offering using our brand new offering presentation (thanks David, including for the far prettier picture than I am myself able to draw !).

EasySOA - Main Functions

EasySOA - Main Functions

From modeling to assessing business service requirements

The second part is actually a retelling of the story of the AXXX use case from start to finish using screenshots takend from the latest EasySOA release – that is, the brand new EasySOA 1.0 ! The AXXX use case is about a near-public administration working on helping numerous charity organizations by funding holdays for underprivileged people, wanting to move its operations from tables to web applications and requiring a service-oriented information system to make it work with its existing IT and agile enough to allow it to expand and follow changing business objectives.

AXXX business process focus : Charity Partner Account Creation

AXXX business process focus : Charity Partner Account Creation

I followed on by describing how main business services (processes) are described in EasySOA’s model in the specification phase, first as informal business requirements and then by adding technical service definitions. Then, in the development phase, I laid the focus on how well-configured code discovery extracts documentation and starts filling indicators. In the deployment phase, I showed how those indicators get now complete, as well as the coverage of information known by the Registry, and showed business service level monitoring.

In the end, Thierry took back the lead to give an overview of what Nuxeo has worked on in the context of EasySOA, including WSDL preview, tree versioning but also Nuxeo integration with Talend but also MuleSoft service bus (ESB).

Looking back and going forward

Looking back, Nuxeo folks have been pretty pleased with the attendance, and overall feedback shows that the session had been well received. So that’s 1 point for the message and the contents. Oh, and 1 point for all Nuxeo folks who allowed this to happen, let’s do it again sometimes !

Now, what’s next ? Well, being able to do it using an EasySOA Registry live or video demo instead of slides ! Which means making EasySOA UI prettier, and first of all easier to understand. Stay tuned…

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