Eclipse SOA at Eclipse Con US with a hint of EasySOA

10 April, 2013 (15:39) | Event, News, Report | By Marc Dutoo

Sure, I wasn’t there. But my Eclipse SOA colleagues Marc Gille (Sungard, Stardust BPM), Adrian Mos (Xerox, Mangrove) and Bob Brodt (Red Hat, BPMN2 modeler) managed the SOA Symposium at the Eclipse Con US 2013 conference so well that it’s hard to see what more I could have done.

As show the slides, the whole Symposium followed the Ariane thread of a real world BPM & SOA use case :”The Federal Charity institution of Neverland provides an Internet platform for charity organizations to distribute their benefits to those in need” (slide 10), and its Charity Organisation Registration and Vacation Request processes, which is heavily inspired from EasySOA’s own AXXX sample use case.

First (starting at slide 17), Adrian Mos showed how the Eclipse Mangrove intermediate SOA model can help bring DSL in the SOA world.

Then Bob introduced the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler architecture and features (slide 28 and further).

Here (slide 35-37) you have a few slides about EasySOA Registry’s governance features (automated service discovery, cartography & indicators, compliance check with specifications and SLA, impact analysis, reference documentation) and architecture, and how it integrates with Eclipse JWT as a business modeling tool.

Finally, Marc (Gille, not me) provided an in-dept review of the Eclipse Stardust BPM suite, including its brand new browser-based BPMN2 modeler (from slide 38 on).

EasySOA Registry & Ecosystem architecture

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