Eclipse Kepler and Java Workflow Tooling 1.3 with BPMN View out

27 June, 2013 (11:00) | Blog, Ecosystem, News | By Marc Dutoo

Eclipse JWT 1.3 has been released, along with the latest Eclipse Kepler yearly release. One good news following the other, it provides the most expected BPMN view.

Eclipse JWT BPMN view

Eclipse JWT BPMN view

Therefore EasySOA users will be able to model their business using well-known BPMN concepts using JWT, and project them onto EasySOA Registry by generating a document structure out of the process (such as one folder per step, filled with JWT-provided information) and saving the JWT process files at its side. As shown at Eclipse Con Europe 2012 (slides), this is enabled by JWT’s EMF to CMIS export, which alas is still only available in the latest JWT development version and not in the Kepler release.

Now what about the new BPMN view ? It is important to note that it is only a “view”, meaning that you can display the same JWT workflow model using either an UML Activity Diagram representation, an Event Process Chain (EPC) representation or a BPMN representation, and switch between them seamlessly using a single button. This representation agnosticity is one of the core goals of JWT, and it’s not at all like JWT has its own BPMN model. Which is all and well, since there is Red Hat’s excellent native BPMN2 modeler in the Eclipse SOA top level project ! It’s time to upgrade JWT’s BPMN transformation to be able to plug it in, stay tuned…

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