August : components upgrades

2 September, 2013 (16:17) | Checkpoint, News | By Marc Dutoo

In August, we’ve completed the big dependency upgrades that were still pending. So now EasySOA Registry, EasySOA Proxy and the AXXX Pivotal & APV use case applications use Java 7, Apache Tomcat 7, Nuxeo 5.7.1 (which is a lot of 7), Apache CXF 2.7.5 and the latest FraSCAti 1.6. Bring in the re-integration of SOAPUI integration, scheduled update of web resources such as WSDL service defiitions and the in-depth improved REST (JSON & XML) Registry API that were done in July and you’ll agree that we didn’t slack this summer.

Now, add to that overall efforts to make the solution more straightforward to use, like simpler Perspective configuration and browsing or indicators CSV export, and it’ll be clear that we’re getting ready for a new release. Stay tuned…

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