SOA Project Phase Completion Overview Graph

9 October, 2013 (17:05) | Blog, Feature | By Marc Dutoo

Since April, SOA indicators are now displayed in one of the Registry’s main functional categories (Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring, Governance). But did you know you can reuse indicators to visually track completion of SOA Project Phases ?

Indeed, EasySOA Registry allows to build high-level SOA Project Phase completion indicators by mashupping other indicators, and display them in a bar graph.

Here, for instance, it is very visible that the Specifications Phase is almost complete, while further Phases are more than halfway done. And thanks to the description of its computation on the right (and if I scrolled down to the incriminated indicator, which this picture doesn’t show), I could see that the missing 10% comes, for instance, from a Service definition that’s missing a Component to instantiate it on.

SOA Project Phase Completion Overview Graph

SOA Project Phase Completion Overview Graph

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