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12 November, 2013 (12:30) | Blog, Feature | By Marc Dutoo

We’ve already mentioned the new SOA information browsing UI when talking about its Impact Analysis features. But did you know it also acts for deployed services as a portal to all information and tools about them ?

The picture above is an extract of the page about the PrecomptePartenaireService in the AXXX use case. It shows all of this service’s deployements (endpoints), with a special focus on the production endpoint :

  • obviously its address, but also a link to its model in the collaborative governance Registry,
  • All available tools, allowing to re-detect it using service discovery (web or runtime), to monitor its use or statistics, and to test it
  • its detected service interface (here of the SOAP WSDL kind) along with the time of its last retrieval, but also tools to preview or download,
  • which actor and component provides it, as well as links to their model in the collaborative governance Registry,
  • and finally other, non-production deployments. Focusing on them will provide their own deployed service portal, allowing for instance to use the integration deployment to do some tests service calls using the integrated SOAPUI tool.

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