Export service indicators to Excel

19 November, 2013 (11:48) | Blog, Feature | By Marc Dutoo

EasySOA displays indicators about your services since the 1.0 release. In 2.0 release, they are more nicely distributed among the four feature categories (Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring and Governance). But did you know that they can now be exported to Excel, from wherever they are displayed ?

For this, you only need to click on the paper file-like icon at the top of any indicator list, and you’ll get to download in return Excel-compatible CSV tabular data with indicator name, description, value and percentage columns.

Export service indicators to Excel

Export service indicators to Excel

Now you can reuse your service indicators however you want : in mails, documents, presentations. Or even mashup your own indicators out of them – though this would be better done by defining your own indicators in EasySOA, the “Custom indicators” governance page is made for that !

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