Matching Dashboard tunable suggestions

28 November, 2013 (12:07) | Blog, Feature | By Marc Dutoo

The Matching Dashboard allows EasySOA users to reconcile newly discovered service implementations (for instance, extracted from source) or deployments (for instance, scraped on the web or monitored) with already known service definitions, when the automated matching algorithm has not enough information to decide on itself. But did you know it provides tunable suggestions thanks to the same matching algorithm ?

Choosing the implementation of a service deployment (endpoint)

Choosing the implementation of a service deployment (endpoint)

Indeed, the matching algorithm even ensures that any match chosen by the user will be consistent, meaning the service definition type (in SOAP, the Port type) and platform constraints (ex. developed in Java) will match. For instance, when you want to select for your AccountService among integration deployments (endpoints) the production one, it will only list deployments of AccountService.

But what if you’re fronting the deployment of the actual implementation with a Proxy implementation of it to inject it with additional logging or data check features ? There will be two matching deployments of the AccountService ! So how to choose the front one among them ? Well, you first have to define in the Specification phase which Information System components hosts which service. Then in the Matching Dashboard, you can explicitly say that it should belong to the AccountService ESB component and not the AccountService application, which will tell the matching algorithm to also match platform constraints, that is that the implementation should be done on top of an ESB and not in Java.

Telling which Information System component hosts the front service

Telling which Information System component hosts the front service

So a single suggestion will be listed, without any risk of mixing it up.

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