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Matching Dashboard tunable suggestions

28 November, 2013 (12:07) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

The Matching Dashboard allows EasySOA users to reconcile newly discovered service implementations (for instance, extracted from source) or deployments (for instance, scraped on the web or monitored) with already known service definitions, when the automated matching algorithm has not enough information to decide on itself. But did you know it provides tunable suggestions thanks to [...]

HTTP Proxy for runtime monitoring discovery

22 November, 2013 (11:54) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

In EasySOA Registry 2.0, the HTTP Proxy is now part of the release. But did you know its management web interface prevents users from stepping on each other’s feet by forbidding to use it at the same time to discover services in different projects¬† ?
This web page displays all configuration properties of the service discovery [...]

Export service indicators to Excel

19 November, 2013 (11:48) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

EasySOA displays indicators about your services since the 1.0 release. In 2.0 release, they are more nicely distributed among the four feature categories (Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring and Governance). But did you know that they can now be exported to Excel, from wherever they are displayed ?
For this, you only need to click on the paper [...]

Deployed service info & tools

12 November, 2013 (12:30) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

We’ve already mentioned the new SOA information browsing UI when talking about its Impact Analysis features. But did you know it also acts for deployed services as a portal to all information and tools about them ?

The picture above is an extract of the page about the PrecomptePartenaireService in the AXXX use case. It shows [...]

SOA Impact Analysis

11 October, 2013 (12:41) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

In June, EasySOA Registry has been enriched with a new examplary SOA information browsing UI.
Actually, its point is to allow CIOs to choose and show exactly the information they want about their SOA how and where they want it, by providing an UI that is the easiest to customize into their own (by merely editing [...]

SOA Project Phase Completion Overview Graph

9 October, 2013 (17:05) | Blog, Feature | By: Marc Dutoo

Since April, SOA indicators are now displayed in one of the Registry’s main functional categories (Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring, Governance). But did you know you can reuse indicators to visually track completion of SOA Project Phases ?
Indeed, EasySOA Registry allows to build high-level SOA Project Phase completion indicators by mashupping other indicators, and display them in [...]


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