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July – EasySOA in the press

21 August, 2014 (18:59) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

Summer holidays may have been relaxing, but EasySOA has found its way in the French online press a couple of times in July nonetheless :
Le Monde Informatique on Julyt the 17th says EasySOA enables REST-based light SOA (“EasySOA d’Open Wide : pour de la SOA légère basé sur REST”). on July the 23rd talks about [...]

December – patch & community

30 January, 2014 (20:05) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

First of all : let me wish a happy new year to all EasySOA enthusiasts on behalf of the EasySOA core team. May 2014 mean a lot of well defined, well supported, collaborative service architectures bringing a lot of value to their users – all of that fully automated !
Now about what happened here in December. [...]

November : packaging

12 December, 2013 (18:27) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

In November, our focus has obviously been on releasing EasySOA Registry 2.0. But this has entailed a wide array of things, comprising obviously packaging it, testing it and updating documentation, but also cleaning up its web UI and improving samples on one side, and on another side updating website pages, explaining features in the new [...]

EasySOA Registry 2.0 at Nuxeo Blog

10 December, 2013 (15:13) | News | By: Marc Dutoo

Together with our colleagues at Nuxeo, we’ve worked on a new article on the Nuxeo Blog. It focuses on why and how the Nuxeo document management platform is used in EasySOA. It also provides a good depiction of our motivations in creating EasySOA Registry, and of the current state of things now that the 2.0 [...]

EasySOA 2.0 – Téléchargement

28 November, 2013 (13:45) | News | By: Marc Dutoo

Télécharger EasySOA Registry 2.0  (installation, usage, sources)
La solution EasySOA Registry 2.0 comprend le registre coeur SOA – métier, avec ses quatre catégories fonctionnelles : Cartographie, Conformité, Monitoring et Gouvernance. Cela inclut les interfaces utilisateur pour

la navigation dans les services, dont la Fiche Service, portail de la documentation et des outils des définitions / implémentations [...]

October : offering

25 November, 2013 (15:00) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

In October, here at Open Wide we’ve worked on our brand new EasySOA offering, and finally came at a point where we’ve been able to publish it on Open Wide’s website. Note that is is only available in French for now, but to get the gist of it you can have a look at the [...]

EasySOA 2.0 – Captures d’écran en français

20 November, 2013 (02:13) | News | By: Marc Dutoo

Ayant remplacé les captures d’écran de la release EasySOA 2.0 par des version anglaises, j’ai déplacé les captures originales en Français ici :

EasySOA 2.0 Release

14 November, 2013 (06:35) | Release | By: Marc Dutoo

Download EasySOA Registry 2.0  (install doc, full doc, sources)
The EasySOA Registry 2.0 release comprises the core collaborative SOA – Business registry, with its four feature categories : Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring and Governance. This includes user interfaces for

service browsing (including service definition / implementation / endpoint documentation and tools portal),
matching implemented and deployed services to [...]

September : pre release polish

18 October, 2013 (17:07) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

In september, we’ve removed the foot from the development accelerator, and laid the focus on doing the necessary polishing to be able to do a new major release. So we’ve patched inconsistencies in business logic here (impact analysis, anyone ?), added documentation there (SOAPUI integration feature, AXXX use case), tested at the limits (such as [...]

August : components upgrades

2 September, 2013 (16:17) | Checkpoint, News | By: Marc Dutoo

In August, we’ve completed the big dependency upgrades that were still pending. So now EasySOA Registry, EasySOA Proxy and the AXXX Pivotal & APV use case applications use Java 7, Apache Tomcat 7, Nuxeo 5.7.1 (which is a lot of 7), Apache CXF 2.7.5 and the latest FraSCAti 1.6. Bring in the re-integration of SOAPUI integration, [...]


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