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Eclipse SOA at Eclipse Con US with a hint of EasySOA

10 April, 2013 (15:39) | Event, News, Report | By: Marc Dutoo

Sure, I wasn’t there. But my Eclipse SOA colleagues Marc Gille (Sungard, Stardust BPM), Adrian Mos (Xerox, Mangrove) and Bob Brodt (Red Hat, BPMN2 modeler) managed the SOA Symposium at the Eclipse Con US 2013 conference so well that it’s hard to see what more I could have done.
As show the slides, the whole Symposium [...]

Business case and real world use case in Nuxeo Webinar

15 March, 2013 (16:37) | Event, News, Report | By: Marc Dutoo

Being Nuxeo’s Guest
On February the 20th, we went to Nuxeo‘s Paris headquarters in order to do the planned EasySOA-themed Webinar. There we were warmly welcomed by Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo’s CTO and EasySOA contributor extraordinaire, notably of the Talend connector for Nuxeo, and Laurent Doguin, Nuxeo’s voice to the community and organisator of the always insightful [...]

EasySOA webinar hosted by Nuxeo – February the 20th

13 February, 2013 (13:17) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

Discover EasySOA, its collaborative & agile take on service-oriented Information System Governance and how it takes advantage of the Nuxeo document management platform in webinars on February the 20th :

in French at3 PM CET (Paris time)
in English at  11 AM PST (US West Coast time – 8 PM Paris time)

It will be presented by Marc [...]

OW2Con – November the 29th

18 October, 2012 (12:07) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

Open Wide will unveil the upcoming Scarbo 2, the new generation of SOA-consistent BPM, in Consistent service integration in your workflows with Scarbo 2.0 at OW2Con 2012 on November the 29th in Paris.
If you know about EasySOA service discovery (see documentation), then you probably have an idea how it can help Scarbo users find and [...]

Eclipse Con Europe – Oct 23th, Ludwigsburg

17 October, 2012 (19:29) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

EasySOA will be at Eclipse Con Europe to partake in the SOA Symposium track on Tuesday, October the 23rd, 2012 in the morning, bringing in its backpack a handful of hot topics :

EasySOA lead Marc Dutoo will first illustrate Models as Operational Documentation, which is basically an amped-up, SOA’d version of the June DemoCamp version’s, with [...]

Publishing models documentation at Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble

21 June, 2012 (18:38) | Event, News, Report | By: Marc Dutoo

Juno’s Hot in June
So what’s hot in Juno, the upcoming latest Eclipse yearly release? As planned, Yoann and I were at the Eclipse Juno DemoCamp hosted by Xerox Lab in Grenoble on June the 13th  to listen to the quick list of BonitaSoft’s Aurélien Pupier.
For all hardcore Eclipse fans among you, here it is: xcore [...]

Eclipse DemoCamp – June 13th, Grenoble

31 May, 2012 (16:23) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

EasySOA will be at Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble on Wednesday, June the 13th, 2012 and present not just one, but two talks!

A quickie (5 min) entitled GEF SVG export in JWT, a newcomer’s rocky ride to Eclipse by Yoann Rodière, intern at Open Wide working on JWT for EasySOA, with thanks to Marc Dutoo
Followed by a more [...]

SOA best practices, tooled! at AlpesJUG

29 May, 2012 (10:11) | Event, News, Report | By: Marc Dutoo

Up to now, all presentations we did about EasySOA had been about how much EasySOA would make life easy to actors of the SOA process, and how it was done (or planned to). Sure, we did reality checks and worked closely with users that we’d trust – that is, EasySOA Partner Entreprises. But we’d never [...]

Solutions Linux – June 20th, Paris

17 April, 2012 (20:16) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

EasySOA partners Talend, EasiFab and Open Wide will provide a 15-minutes pitch and demo titled Service Integration Goes Social at Solutions Linux 2012 on June 20th in Paris. We’ll do the exercise in elevator pitch style, so you’re promised to get the most distilled, finest stuff we have !
It will happen within the broader OW2 [...]

Grenoble JUG – April 19th

16 April, 2012 (17:03) | Event | By: Marc Dutoo

EasySOA lead Marc Dutoo will present 10 SOA best practices for CIOs and developers and how EasySOA makes them easier to apply at Alpes JUG in Grenoble on Thursday, April the 19th, 2012. More information & registration at JUG Events.
When & where:
April the 19th at 7 PM
SUPINFO Grenoble – 16 rue Henri Barbusse, Grenoble, France
Summary [...]


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