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EasySOA 2.0 Release

14 November, 2013 (06:35) | Release | By: Marc Dutoo

Download EasySOA Registry 2.0  (install doc, full doc, sources)
The EasySOA Registry 2.0 release comprises the core collaborative SOA – Business registry, with its four feature categories : Cartography, Compliance, Monitoring and Governance. This includes user interfaces for

service browsing (including service definition / implementation / endpoint documentation and tools portal),
matching implemented and deployed services to [...]

EasySOA 1.0 Release

4 February, 2013 (17:50) | News, Release | By: Marc Dutoo

Download EasySOA Registry 1.0  (install doc, full doc, sources)
At long last, here it comes. Obviously, much thanks to everybody who helped with it !
EasySOA Registry comprises the core collaborative SOA – Business registry with its API and user interfaces for :

collaborative documentation (Nuxeo)
service indicators
matching dashboard
business monitoring
service browsing

Its release also provides

Discovery by Browsing
and the Java [...]

EasySOA 0.4 Release

26 July, 2012 (16:49) | News, Release | By: Marwane Kalam-Alami

Download EasySOA 0.4  (sources)
This release is the last official demonstration package before we switch to real product releases. As always, your feedback is very welcome!
What’s new since 0.3?
A new demo scenario, “Manipulate and validate environments”, can be followed from the EasySOA welcome page. It showcases most of the features added in this release:
New prototypes

Environments [...]

EasySOA Demo 0.3 Release

12 October, 2011 (17:49) | Release | By: Marwane Kalam-Alami

Download EasySOA Demo 0.3
This first official release of EasySOA aims at a global cleanup and truly collaborative features.

Collaborative features include : collaborative discovery by browsing, comments, annotate WSDLs, document validation workflow, upload documents such as specifications…
Unified authentication layer across Core, Registry & Light. Default Registry setup includes: default profiles Business users, Architect, Developer, IT [...]

EasySOA Demo 0.2 Release

29 July, 2011 (10:22) | News, Release | By: Marwane Kalam-Alami

Here are the new features included with this demo:

An improved version of the service registry, including a basic SOA dashboard – documentation
Service discovery by SCA import – documentation
Service discovery by network monitoring – documentation

We have now two scenarios to make you go on a tour through all of the current EasySOA features : one for [...]

EasySOA Demo 0.1 Release

20 May, 2011 (15:31) | News, Release | By: Marwane Kalam-Alami

The first EasySOA demo includes:

A simple service registry built on an ECM solution – documentation
A first way to discover services: discovery “by browsing” – documentation
A web interface to call them in a proxy-protected way – documentation

A demo scenario included in the archive will guide you through the different features to discover them.


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