The Box o’ Patterns

Service management is a peculiar beast.

The first step is to know which services should be available where and whether they actually are up there. Said so, it sounds like IT management. But services are basically about business concepts and solutions, so you have to keep close to business users and evolution. Last but not least, services are made by developers, and are often the trickiest part of their work, not only technically but also because it involves at least two business applications, one of which at least they usually don’t know as well as the other.

So it’s no wonder service management is complex. The good news is, separation of concerns allows it to be broken is separate issues, and each of them can be answered with a very simple solution as a first step. By the time somebody really needs a complete solutions on each piece of the puzzle, he also knows very well what it should do for him and how much it is going to cost him – and I’m talking time, human resources and team involvment here.

That’s why we at EasySOA think that easy service management is fostering the easiest answers to all separate service management issues, while allowing for scaling them up when needed and providing a low entry cost, consistent, flexible,  management solution for that. Said simply, if you can’t do it the easiest way with EasySOA, it’s not “easy” any more.

So, here are our take on those separate service management issues – or “patterns”. We’ll break them down in their simplest constituents, lay out the simplest solution(s) for them, see how EasySOA can make it even straighter, and how it let them scale up. All the while, we’ll try to stay firmly rooted in reality, getting as much insight as possible from real world use cases that we’ve seen at our clients’ or among Partner Entreprises.

As a side note, we acknowledge the work already done on the topic of SOA patterns by SOA luminaries before us and the community at large, like Thomas Erl’s SOA Design Pattern book and his website. Our approach differs though in that we’ll really keep looking for the smallest part not only conceptually, but in its ease of putting up a first step implementation.

So welcome to the Box o’ Patterns !


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