EasySOA Consortium

The EasySOA Consortium gathers Open Source leaders and has been created in 2011 in the wake of the EasySOA public funded project.

Each actor provides services and support on its own solutions.

Consortium members

Open Source Integrator. Project leader, develops and supports EasySOA Registry, provides global architecture and integration, BPM (with Eclipse JWT & OW2 Scarbo), AXXX use case.
IT Service and middleware. Provides SOA administration with OW2 Jasmine and use case.
IT management solutions. Provides SOA Modeling (Eclipse SOA) and monitoring (Galaxy framework).
Public Research Labs. Provides the heterogeneous service engine (OW2 FraSCAti Open SCA middleware platform).
Open Source ECM. Provides the document management platform managing SOA model, documents and artifacts.
Open Source ETL. Contributes SOA and data connectors to connect to existing business – but also SOA – data and solutions.

Open Source ecosystem

EasySOA consortium members are prominent members of the biggest Open Source communities such as OW2, Eclipse and Apache, being contributors to software included in their business offering, up to being a sponsor or on the board.

EasySOA is especially nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with :


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