Partner Entreprises

What is the Partner Entreprise Program ?

In a nusthell: share your SOA issues with us, we’ll extend EasySOA to address the most interesting ones and make it available back in Open Source.

The Partner Entreprise Program is open to French companies. It involves signing a two-way contract with Open Wide. Though this contract is not ready as of yet (August 2011), we have gone forward on mutual trust with a selection of our existing customers, resulting in several submitted use cases and some planned developments already.

Partner Entreprises

Here are the partner entreprises, their business domain and the kind of SOA issues they are interested to submit.

Upcoming Public Service Undertaking. SOA sanitization use case.
Upcoming Banking. SOA documentation use case.
Upcoming Cloud. Cloud platform use case

More about the Partner Entreprise Program

The Partner Entreprise Program is a « from the trenches », « guerilla » approach to identify & address  the most common needs & use cases, around the project core – that is, at our own companies, our clients, our communities, by simply getting known people that trust us to submit their SOA-themed issues. In full reciprocity, we’ll enrich EasySOA to address the most promising and useful ones, and share our developments back in Open Source, free for you to test and use at any scale.

However we won’t prevent you to buy custom service & development if you want any : installation on your own servers, configuration, further custom developments. In a word, it’s feature-driven development – the Open Source way, no more, no less. And we’re betting that we’re able to provide good enough tools for them thanks to EasySOA – and that you have good enough ideas ! – so that you’ll find it all impossible to pass on, work with it daily and start paying for the business or solution specific requests that would REALLY scale up the benefits in your own entreprise.

So join us !


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