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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows different entreprise Information systems to work together, thanks to decoupled interactions and management.

However, many entreprise SOA projects have been done these last years, and there is now a consensus : it’s too smart and complex for its own good – in a word, heavy. Let’s get it straight : Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) involves complex technologies and, when done right, actors from the whole spectrum between business and IT. That’s bad news enough, but with new IT challenges coming up, such as cloud (virtualized services), agility (evolving services), business relevant IT and green IT, all requiring SOA in one way or another, SOA will have no choice but to scale up by an order. The question is – how ?

There are also good news. Whatever the success of existing SOA projects, a lot of (web) services have been deployed and are now available in entreprises – dormant potential waiting to be woken up. Openness is acknowledged as critical to handle heterogeneity, while Open Source IT components are mature and first-class citizens of the entreprise Information System. For the last 10 years, the Web has been making IT a part of everyone’s life, democratizing information techology as never before. Even more, because of Cloud and virtualization, on-premise IT is going to be handled like “internal outsourcing” and be under pressure to provide clear return on investment – which will make possible SOA’s real goal : long-hoped-for IT alignment on business.


EasySOA bets on the Web both as interface and as service technology, on Open Source and open standards to go out of solution lock-in, and on collaborative technologies to put people back in the center of it all.

Can it be done ? Well, have a look !

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EasySOA adds a lighter, agile layer on top of « traditional » SOA solutions and processes, thanks to an online, social and collaborative approach, involving all actors of the SOA process : business users, SOA architects and developers, IT staff, in order to allow for :

  • ex nihilo service discovery, cartography, measure and documentation, all collaboratively
  • sanitization and protection of existing SOAs, on-going developments but also versus consumed SOAs
  • help gathering and fast-prototyping business needs on top of existing assets, without hurting them
  • reuse requirements, architectural shell, tests and mockups to ease the transition to long term implementation within the existing SOA

And further enabling both approaches of service integration :

  • “Light” – social service mashups, service scaffolding, HTTP mining and refactoring, REST playground, online data tools, up to support in Ruby-on-Rails-like rapid web application development
  • “Integration” – full integration of complete SOA solutions at design, development, deployment and monitoring levels with the EasySOA registry, up to business process-driven integration and down to QoS monitoring and SLA enforcement.

A three-part solution

- EasySOA Core allows for a collaborative SOA management and governance, thanks to a transversal representation of the SOA, relevant to business users, developers and the IT at the same time ;
- EasySOA Light provides an “SOA sandbox” allowing to easily and securely call, scaffold and mashup services, taking advantage of existing ones ;
- EasySOA Integration gives access to all EasySOA features to developers and architects across the whole SOA evolution process, by integrating SOA tools and runtimes and from there branching out to an “on-demand” Open Source SOA solution.

EasySOA Core : a collaborative service registry

EasySOA Core builds on Nuxeo to bring Entreprise Content Management to the rescue in order to build a bridge over the business -IT gap, letting each kind of actor have its own point of view over SOA. It uses Open Source and open standards to avoid solution lock-in common to SOA registries.

EasySOA Light : build services in a few clicks

EasySOA Light leverages web technologies to allow to call and mashup services in a simple and customizable way, while ensuring that service level agreements (SLA) or security won’t be breached in the process. It also stays in sync with evolving SOAs and its latest service definitions – this is not your dad’s web mashup tool.

EasySOA Integration : open, “on demand” bridges with SOA tooling and runtime

EasySOA integrates with open standards and solutions such as Eclipse SOA tooling, the Apache CXF and OW2 FraSCAti service platforms, Talend data and service integration suites, OW2 Jasmine monitoring, OW2 Scarbo SOA-ready BPM to provide a full-fledged SOA experience – or you can just piece out your own out of it.

Behind EasySOA

The project is led and mainly developed by the members of the EasySOA Consortium.


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