What is EasySOA?

Mine your IT for services and APIs,
Document them collaboratively,
Define business requirements,
Validate implementations,
Measure quality of developments,
Ease up testing and simulation,
Keep actual business service levels in check,
Foster reuse and keep track of new uses,
Analyze impact of changes…
Overall, control quality and evolution of your service-oriented Information System.

What is EasySOA ?

EasySOA Registry is an open, agile and non-intrusive governance solution for service-oriented Information Systems.

Its extensible SOA model that crosses all layers (specifications, development and deployment) to put them back together. Its collaborative approach provides each actor with a different point of view and fosters documentation. It adapts to existing technologies and practices.

To get more value out of your services, EasySOA Light helps testing and trying out new business needs before actual full development.

To make it fit in your Information System, EasySOA Integration is an ecosystem of compatible SOA tools and platforms, from business modeling to monitoring via service bus, allowing to build “on demand” SOA solutions.

What can EasySOA Registry do for you ?

- Its automated extraction of the SOA model thanks to innovating service discovery mechanism (by browsing, from source code or at runtime) make it useful to existing projects, including endangered ones.

- It provides CIOs and architects with a map of the information system and high-level indicators allowing impact analysis and decision taking.

- It integrates with developers’ practices and tools (JAX-WS and JAX-RS Java services, Maven build and continuous integration, Javadoc documentation, Junit and SOAPUI tests). Its Service Browsing UI provides them with a single entry point to all of information and tools of a service, unifying specifications, development and deployments.

- It allows to collaboratively model business requirements by gathering specification documents and formal service definitions. Then compliance to it can be checked, both at development time and at runtime, by first matching implemented and deployed services to specified ones, and then by monitoring service level.

More details : see articles about features.

Further with EasySOA

Beyond, EasySOA provides an on-demand offering covering : business and technical monitoring, business and architecture modeling, business process management, online fast prototyping, record, replay and simulate service exhanges, either by integrating with solutions already deployed in the entreprise through its REST APIs, or by using its own platform built on Eclipse and OW2 Open Source components.


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